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Ozone Laundry

Ozone Laundering Other Significant Benefits :

  • Disinfection of bacteria and viruses
  • Longer fabric life
  • Shorter cycle times = cost savings
  • Allows mixing white and color fabrics during laundering
Ozone is the single most powerful oxidant available commercially for water treatment. Ozone is also the most efficient disinfectant and sanitizer.

Ozone (O3), an activated form of oxygen, is 150% stronger and 3,000 times faster reacting in aqueous solution than chlorine. It occurs naturally when an electrical charge such as lightening passes through the air to when ultraviolet light reacts with oxygen in the atmosphere. A highly effective biocide, fungicide and deodorizer, ozone almost instantly disinfects water on contact.

EcoGreenHotel recommends the installation of Ozone laundry system, with the following advantages: Read more