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Energy Reduction Package

Energy Reduction and Certification Package

EcoGreenHotel will analyze, investigate rebates, confirm energy savings and implement the below technologies into your property. Once your property has met all the EcoCriteria needed we will also certify you as a EcoRooms and EcoSuites Property.

  • Guest Room Occupancy Based Energy Management System
  • Hot H2O Saver automated re-circulation loop
  • Boiler Economizers
  • Ozone Laundry Solution
  • LED Lighting Upgrade in most 24 Hour burn areas
  • BOH Lighting Occupancy Controls
  • Guest Room LED Lighting Upgrade
  • Pool Solutions including Heatsavr Liquid Pool Blanket and Variable Flow Motor
  • 12 Month Energy Star Benchmarking Administration
  • EcoRooms and EcoSuites Certification
  • Energy Star Score

Example 100 room hotel cost of integration $88,222 ($822 per room) In some areas rebates can pay over $44,111 of the project in cash rebates.. There are also opportunities to finance the entire project through low intrest loan programs creating serious positive cash flow when hoteliers need it most.

Energy Partners in Sustainability


The Energy Performance Project includes all products, technologies, rebate administration, project management and commissioning

Based on 100 Room Hotel – a $2,822 commitment will deliver:

If the due diligence checks out we will manage full integration of a comprehensive energy project.


We have had the opportunity to install multiple energy technologies into the hospitality industry over the past several years. We have measured the savings and performance of several different technologies. Our Energy Reduction Package combines the most effective technologies and our experience to bring rebates and incentives to an energy project. We are confident we will reduce the energy load of your property by over 30%.

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Thank You, Scott Parisi – President


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