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Pool Closure

Covid-19 | Safety First!

While the hospitality industry copes with the on-going public health crisis of Covid-19, EcoGreen wants to stress the importance of safety above all, but we do want to extend some best practice tips on pool maintenance and management ahead of possible closures.

Pool Closure – Best Practice

Per health dept guidance, most hotel teams are closing their pools to guests. See below for a Best Practice list on how to evaluate your next steps.

Item 1: Guest Access

  • Deactivate keycard access & Place signage informing guests of pool closure as an abundance of caution & guest safety.
  • Update your booking engine & webpage to reflect pool closure status

Item 2: Pool Water Heaters

  • Turn off pool heaters to drive down your daily utility operational expenses.

Item 3: HVAC Set Points (Indoor Pools)

  • With your pool heater off, there will be less evaporation & condensations effects. Nevertheless, it will be a good practice to lower the indoor pool room set temperature to lower levels. A 1-2 degree temperature difference above the water temperature is ideal. Ensure your settings will not trigger air conditioning.

Item 4: Variable Speed Pumps

  • If equipped with VS pump, lower speeds to minimal levels.
  • Step by step instructions can be found via the survey link below for Pentair Intelliflo VS pumps installed / supplied by EcoGreen.

Item 5: Chemical Balance

  • Adjust feeding schedule for low / no guest loads
  • Consult your chemical service provider for revised chemical feed formulas
  • If you have a 3rd party service company who performs in person visits, identify a revised schedule with them. Discuss possibility of reducing / eliminating the service during the down-time.
  • Have a plan to maintain pool chemical stock at property to ensure you do not run out.  Current recommendation is to have a 30 – day supply on hand.

Item 6: Review your Pool Operations Cost

  • EcoGreen has created a simple break-even calculator which estimates between 3 to 6 weeks for a complete shut-down to become cost effective.
  • Items to consider are:
    • Cost of the water drained.
    • Additional shock chemicals to closed pool.
    • Pool pump, HVAC equipment, and pool heater costs.
    • 3rd party service contract charges that can be avoided.
    • Chemical, & electrical costs that can be avoided.
  • Properties should weigh their specific pool operating costs vs their expected re-opening date to evaluate this decision.
  • As always it is important to check with your brand compliance team if a waiver will be required.


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Further Actions:

  • You can consider possibly dimming or turning off a bank of lights in your indoor pool room, provided the remaining light levels meet minimum building codes.
    • Less lights will be another passive signal to your guests that the pool is not open for business.
  • Attached Indoor Gyms may also be considered for 100% closure. Closure will increase guest safety from fewer congregation points, reduce daily cleaning & sanitization regiments.
    • Be sure to update your booking engines and websites accordingly.
    • Operational savings will be minimal – related to reduced electrical loads from gym equipment & lighting levels.
    • As mentioned above, check with your brand compliance team if a waiver will be required.


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