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Ozone Laundry

Ozone Laundry Program


Elevate the way you do laundry

EcoGreenHotel is a leader in integrating energy efficient technologies into the green hospitality industry. Our #1 technology has been Ozone Laundry consistently delivering above predicted cost savings and increasing the quality of linen. Due to the success of our clients we have created an Ozone Laundry Program. The Program offers hotel laundry operations a guaranteed energy and cost saving.

Green Hotel operators have nothing to lose by installing an EGH Ozone Laundry System, and a lot to gain. The EGH Ozone Laundry Program provides operators with a single number to call for ALL ozone laundry issues, and we back up the Program with a Performance Guarantee.

Ozone Laundry Program Summary

The Program includes a complete end-to-end service package for hotel laundry that delivers the energy savings promised. The program includes:

  • 30-day No Risk Trial
  • Engineering and manufacturing excellence – the best in the industry
  • Analysis of the real world factors faced by each on-premise laundry
  • An ozone laundry system designed for each specific laundry to be fully compatible with other existing equipment
  • Installation, setup and initial testing
  • On-going maintenance through a network of approved service providers
  • Performance Guarantee

EGH View In Regards To Hotel Ozone Laundry

Ozone laundry for hotels have been around for a long time. Unfortunately, some providers over-promised and under-delivered, making some hotel operators skeptical about the value of ozone. That is why EGH is offering a complete program based on the real world conditions of each hotel, with a custom-designed system that is guaranteed to achieve cost and energy savings.

Contact an EGH Representative for more information, or request a no obligation Energy Savings Estimate for your hotel laundry today. There is no obligation, but there is a lot to gain.

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Ozone Laundering

Ozone is the single most powerful oxidant available commercially for water treatment.

Ozone is also the most efficient disinfectant and sanitizer.Ozone (O3), an activated form of oxygen, is 150% stronger and 3,000 times faster reacting in aqueous solution than chlorine. It occurs naturally when an electrical charge such as lightening passes through the air to when ultraviolet light reacts with oxygen in the atmosphere.

A highly effective biocide, fungicide and deodorizer, ozone almost instantly disinfects water on contact.

Ozone laundry systems have the following advantages:

  • Water heating cost reduction
  • Conventional washing methods require that 70% of wash water be heated to temperatures in ranges of 60°C to 82°C (140°F to 180°F) for proper stain removal when used in conjunction with conventional chemicals. With the ozone washing system, no water is heated to more than 32°C to 40°C (90°F to 104°F), and then only in heavily soiled wash loads.
  • Chemical cost reductions
  • Ozone substantially reduces the amount of wash chemicals required to achieve the same or better results than conventional processing. The oxidizing power of ozone dissolved in the wash water attacks oxidizable soils and chemically transforms insoluble soil into soluble substances.
  • Water and sewage cost reductions
  • Major water and sewer savings are achieved only in the closed loop (recycling) configuration, although the open loop (non-recycling) system will reduce water consumption (20-30%) by cutting the rinse time.

Other Significant Benefits :

  • Disinfection of bacteria and viruses
  • Longer fabric life
  • Shorter cycle times = cost savings
  • Allows mixing white and color fabrics during laundering

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