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May is Machine Month

May is “Machine Month” at EcoGreen!

Protect your investments with regular maintenance 


Dryers – EcoGreen Recommended Maintenance

These procedures will help prolong equipment life as well as prevent efficiency loss


Daily Procedures

  • Ensure the area around the machine is clear of all combustible materials (including lint) before operating. 
  • Lint Screens: clear thoroughly after each load.
  • Lint Compartment: remove lint screen and clear out any excess lint that may have passed through to the compartment daily.


Effective maintenance goes well beyond simple daily procedures. Click below to download EcoGreen’s complete Dryer Maintenance Checklist to ensure accountability throughout the

EcoGreen Dryer Maintenance Checklist


Washing Machines

EcoGreen Recommended Leak Checking Procedure:

Washing Machines can be prone to leaks, especially under the heavy demands of hospitality operations. 

Check for any water – puddles, drips, leaks – leading from the back of the washer to the tap. Ideally, this should be done once per week. Leak checks should be performed no less than once per month.

Did You Know? 

Underloading a 65lb capacity washer machine with only 55 lbs, over the course of 1 year, the cost to a hotel can reach $7,000! 
Click the photo on the left to watch a short video on proper loading procedures. 


Next Steps For Greater OPL Operational Savings — Ozone Laundry

A highly effective biocide, fungicide, and deodorizer, ozone almost instantly disinfects water on contact. Ozone is the single most powerful oxidant available commercially for water treatment.

Ozone is also the most efficient disinfectant and sanitizer. Ozone substantially reduces the required amount of wash chemicals required to achieve the same or better results than conventional processing. In addition to reducing water heating costs by 85-95%, ozone laundry systems offer significant benefits over traditional commercial laundry systems.

Contact EcoGreen about upgrading to Ozone Laundry today!


Congratulations to the winner of last month’s EcoGreen Pool Survey Sweepstakes winner. Check your e-mail inbox for your Amazon Gift Card Code. Watch out for our next survey sweepstakes coming soon!

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