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Lighting Analysis

Whether you are preparing to upgrade your property to LED in all your twenty-four hour burn areas or you need a quote for your entire lighting package of your new development we can support you.

EcoGreen Energy Solutions brings proven experience. We design the most cost effective lighting package guaranteed to reduce your energy budget paying you back for years to come.

Our Lighting Partners include CREE LED, RAB Lighting and Cooper Lighting.

EGC specializes in identifying rebates and incentives to subsidies cost and most time we create positive cash flow. EGC provides lighting design consultation and lighting fixtures solutions for hotels and hospitality projects. We can support your design and the sourcing of lighting fixture packages.

Our Projects:
Embassy Suites USA

  • CREE LED Luminaires for parking lot illumination
  • CREE LED technologies throughout all 24 hour burn areas
  • CREE LED CR6 and DR-1000 Recessed 6″ LED Luminaire
  • CREE CR22 (2′ X 2′) and CR24 (2′ X 4′) LED Troffers
  • Toshiba LED A lamps and Candelabra lamps

Hampton Inn and Suites USA

Among several water and energy saving solutions ingrained into the Hampton Inn Clinton:

  • CREE LED Luminaires for parking lot illumination
  • CREE LED CR6 and DR-1000 Recessed 6″ LED Luminaires
  • CREE CR22 (2′ X 2′) and CR24 (2′ X 4′) LED Troffers
  • Phillips EnduraLED A lamps and Candelabra lamps

Even before you enter the warm surroundings of the Hampton Inn Clinton you can notice ownerships efforts to save energy with the presence of the futuristic looking CREE Slim LED Luminaires. Throughout the interior of this green hotel the CREE LED lighting provides a warm inviting atmosphere and will save the property more than forty percent of energy compared to conventional lighting.



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