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HVAC Setbacks and Energy Management System

Covid-19 | Safety First!

While the hospitality industry copes with the on-going public health crisis of Covid-19, EcoGreen wants to stress the importance of safety above all, but we do want to extend some best practice tips on Energy Management ahead of possible closures.

Energy Management System Setbacks During Low Occupancy

EcoGreen stands read to assist your property in adjusting your energy management system settings to maximize your utility savings during the upcoming lower occupancy.

In regards to in-room EMS equipped hotels, rather than cutting power to your HVAC units and losing communication with the TSTAT equipment, it is recommended that we increase the maximum and minimum setback temperatures for the room.

Performing this change will not only allow minimal periodic airflow within the unoccupied room, but will allow for regions still experiencing colder weather protection for in-room plumbing during closure.  Furthermore, this action will eliminate the possibility of equipment communication issues on site once the crisis is over and regular operations begin.

Properties without an EMS should follow the below “No EMS” steps to curb unnecessary HVAC operation.

Properties WITH a Networked EMS

  • Your systems are already connected to the internet & you are a few simple mouse clicks away from adjusting EMS parameters to the block of rooms you plan to take out of service.Even better, EcoGreen will take care of it for you.


  • Most hotels with Verdant, and Amana DigiSmart/Eden have online connectivity where your hotel’s guest HVAC may be disabled, or retarded significantly to prevent unnecessary operation.
  • Contact EcoGreen with the floors or room blocks that are slated for ‘out of service’ so we can assist you with updating your EMS settings to minimize HVAC operation / maximize utility savings.
    • Have your list of rooms ready to share.
    • For fastest service, please send your ‘out of service’ room list to:   – be sure to include any ‘do not start before’ dates, otherwise we will assume an immediate implementation.
  • Remember to keep a room log list that matches the PMS system ‘out of service’ room list.  Upon restoration of room service, contact EcoGreen so we can revert your thermostat settings.

Properties WITHOUT an Energy Management System

  • Properties with PTAC controls, or Fan Coil Units with simple non-programmable wall thermostats with such as PRO1 will need to actively enter each room to be taken out of service.






  • Hotels with simple non-programmable wall thermostats:
    • Set you wall thermostats to OFF position.
  • Hotels with PTAC on-unit controls:
    • Set your units to OFF at the unit.
      – or –
    • Un-plug your PTAC
  • Remember to keep a room log list that matches the PMS system ‘out of service’ room list.  Upon restoration of room service, your staff will need to enter the rooms to plug any units back in to power.


CLICK HERE – so we can update your EMS for you.

Or Call us Direct at 888-229-0213

Further Actions:

  • Consider your strategy for your room blocks being taken out of service.
    • Heating months:
      • Identify upper floor rooms to be prioritized for guest use to take advantage of the passive heating effect from lower floors’ rising heat towards this space.
    • Cooling months:
      • Identify lower floor rooms o be prioritized for guest use to take advantage of the passive cooling effect from lower floors’ rising heat away from this space.

  • Out of Service Rooms should have their drapery & black-out shades fully closed to minimize heat transfer & help maintain a consistent temperature.

  • Identify your corridor HVAC set points.
    • Individual Floor T-stat settings can be adjusted to minimize HVAC operation.
      • Closed Floors may set their corridor HVAC thermostats to OFF.
      • Active Floor corridors can adjust their t-stat setting to reduce the frequency of HVAC operation.
        • Lower Temp Setpoints in Heating Season
        • Raise Temp Setpoints in Cooling Season

    • Properties with rooftop units with no corridor T-stat controls will need to make adjustments on the rooftop HVAC units themselves.
      • If staff is not capable of making these adjustments, a 1-hr service call visit from a local service provider will pay for itself within the month from reduced HVAC operation.


EcoGreen Energy Solutions is an independent, privately held company dedicated to supporting lodging and food service facilities to address energy and environmental solutions. Our recommended solutions are geared to assist facilities take advantage of incentives, rebates and grants. When providing these services, EcoGreen Energy Solutions maintains a vendor-neutral position, ensuring our client’s interest is always foremost in the consideration of any recommendation.

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