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Hot H2O Saver


Hot H2O Saver is a low cost energy solution that addresses how energy is wasted in conventional hotel domestic hot water systems. EcoGreenHotel has installed this low cost solution in several hotels cutting energy usage associated with hot water production, storage and distribution by 20% or more.

Hotel Hot Water Savings

In most hotels we heat, store and distribute hot water expecting 100% demand 24 hours a day. In actuality we only need to meet that high demand for only a few hours a day, making the domestic water system one of the most inefficient systems with the largest opportunity for energy savings. The Hot H2O Saver automates the operation of the recirculation loop. In simplistic turns the Hot H2O Saver turns on the circulation pump when a Flow Sensor indicates a demand and turns it off when the demand no longer exists.

The only efficient way in the hotel environment to operate a circulation pump requires the ability to react to what is happening in real time. When hot water is needed the pump will turn on and when the demand has passed the pump is turned off.

Research has shown that guests only use hot water 15% of the time. That means 85% of the time the energy required to heat water is unnecessarily and is being wasted in the loop. If hot water is circulating in the loop, it is losing energy at a much faster rate than it would be if it were in the storage tank.

The Hot H2O Saver solution will turn off the pump when there is no demand for hot water. The solution includes:

• A sensing device to determine when hot water is needed

• A high speed circulating pump

• A controller to turn the pump on and off

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