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On-Premise Laundry

Covid-19 | Safety First!

While the hospitality industry copes with the on-going public health crisis of Covid-19, EcoGreen wants to stress the importance of safety above all, but we do want to extend some best practice tips for your On-Premise Laundry operations during lower occupancy.

On-Premise Laundry

For the third installment of the coronavirus focused hospitality newsletter, EcoGreen has consolidated some on-premise laundry operations recommendations below.

Properties without OPL should follow up with their service provider to identify the steps taken by their offsite facility for how they are treating your terry & linen.

Properties WITH a On-Premise Laundry

  • Check for Leaks Behind Your Washers | Utility Operations Savings
    • Leaks at the washer water connections are common with age.
    • Leaks at the trench drain are some of the most common to go unnoticed.
    • After the area has had sufficient time to dry overnight check first thing in the morning for signs of active water leaks.


  • “Refresher”  |  Every Load Counts!
    Make sure you are maximizing each load by filling your washer to its full capacity


    • All linens in a Commercial Healthcare Laundry plant should be treated as if they are contaminated and universal handling precautions need to be followed.
    • Wash items as appropriate in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. If possible, launder items using the warmest appropriate water setting for the items and dry items completely.


  • Follow high level infection control procedures to collect laundry from any guest rooms where a guest is suspected of being sick, such as:
    • Use of individual bags for each room.
    • Close off areas used by the ill persons and wait as long as practical before beginning cleaning and disinfection to minimize potential for exposure to respiratory droplets. If possible, wait up to 24 hours before beginning cleaning and disinfection.
    • Do not shake dirty laundry; this minimizes the possibility of dispersing the virus through the air.
    • Clean and disinfect hampers or other carts for transporting laundry according to CDC guidance on hard / soft surface cleaning.
    • Maintain a proper separation between soiled and clean linens in the OPL Room and protect clean linens throughout the transportation process.

Properties WITHOUT an on On-Premise Laundry

  • Contact your off-site linens provider for an update to how they are handling, sorting & washing your linen + terry.
    • Review Wash temperatures & dry times
    • Ask if they have implemented CDC guidance for the handling, transport & separation of clean + dirty linens.
    • Ask if health and hygiene practices for their employees are in place and maintained, including utilization of PPE and proper handwashing procedures.


Review CDC Cleaning & Disinfection Guidance Here

Download the EcoLab Commercial Laundry Guide Here

Still Have Questions? – Call us Direct at 888-229-0213

Further Actions:

  • Ozone – The Destroyer
    • For typical linen & terry (not reclaim cycles) using your Ozone washing system formulas (if equipped with Ozone Laundry System) provides for excellent sanitation while reducing hot water by 80%.
    • Did you know Ozone is 150% stronger and 3,000 times faster reacting in aqueous solution than chlorine? And is a highly effective biocide, fungicide and deodorizer, ozone almost instantly disinfects water on contact.

  • Properties without an Ozone system should wash using warm or hot water where possible to kill any bacteria or virus. Wash items as appropriate in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Launder items using the warmest appropriate water setting for the items and dry items completely.


EcoGreen Energy Solutions is an independent, privately held company dedicated to supporting lodging and food service facilities to address energy and environmental solutions. Our recommended solutions are geared to assist facilities take advantage of incentives, rebates and grants. When providing these services, EcoGreen Energy Solutions maintains a vendor-neutral position, ensuring our client’s interest is always foremost in the consideration of any recommendation.

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